For our and other customers affected by canceled trade fairs, we offer the opportunity at short notice to present your trade fair innovations to your customers in a professional and timely manner.
As a provider of trade fair TV and image films, our core competencies lie in the simple conveyance of complex content and clear information in the B2C and B2B area.

Now take the opportunity to share your company and / or your trade fair innovations in an understandable and quickly explained way with the people you would otherwise have met personally at the trade fair or – if your trade fair is taking place, you can also reach your customers or those from there afterwards various reasons to stay away from the fair.

We would be happy to advise you on an individual offer, for example:

• the fully digital exhibition stand
• pre-produced press conferences
• web talks about your company in the studio or at your location
• Expert talks
• Product videos
• FAQs on new products.

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A selection of our films:

Current examples:
– For a customer whose board had mostly traveled, we recorded a press conference at very short notice, the questions from the past were adapted and built around the key points of the trade fair appearance.
– For a smaller customer we set the existing product film to music in a few days and added short interview sequences.
– An example of a B2B customer: Since the stand plan was already digital and was already being set up, we were able to present it in virtual reality, store content (delivered and produced ourselves) behind the individual stations, a press room deposit with a video press conference and even offer virtual reality glasses for shipping to make this digital exhibition stand tangible for its customers in VR.

You see, there are no limits to the top, but the most important thing now is to make your product and company as quickly as possible for decision-makers around the world.

We would be happy to find the right product for you. Our experienced moderators and product experts are happy to familiarize themselves with your subject and are also available in teams of two.

A selection of our moderators:

Showreel Elke Antonia Finckh

Showreel Nina Halbig

Showreel Janine Mehner


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